Montepulciano and the Nobile DOCG

This tour will show us one of the most charming regions in Tuscany, where the etruscan culture is present.

This is the area where Lorenzo de Medici met the right teacher for his sons, Angelo Poliziano and the  Magnificent Lorenzo decided to transform Montepulciano into one of the most enthralling town in Tuscany.

We will visit  the Cathetral and Wine Cathedral. The Nobile of Montepulciano Wine is the king of red wines, the wineries will welcome us with great stories of experience and competence and at the end of the tour we will visit  the renaissance Tempio of Saint Biagio.


Chianti Classico Castles

I think that who is dreaming to start a journey in the Chianti knows what it can offer- hills looking like a perfect painting with vineyards, olive groves, farms cypress trees and castles. This is the photo, but you need the people and stories to make it real, and this is what I am offering in my tours.The perfumes are unforgettable, the itineraries in the white roads will show us the perfect areas where to meditate after visiting the vineyards of the great winemakers. We will learn the secrets of the nectar that Baron Ricasoli called Chianti.

The towns CastellinaRaddaGaiole and  Castelnuovo Berardenga were part of the Medieval League of the Chianti and each one of them tells you its history and traditions.

Interesting  artisans workshops, gastronomical products and art and archeology museums go back to our origins. The Etruscan civilization.

Landscape and culture, a charming land.

San Galgano Abbey 

One of the most fascinating abbey near Siena is the Abbey of San Galgano, a local saint, once a soldier who chose to stop using his weapons and who decided to be a follower of the Lord. Still today the Sword in the Stone is one of the symbols of this valley where the abundant nature of the Farma river is the protagonist together with the romanesque monuments just like the Abbey of Saint Mustiola in Torri, the Church of Ponte allo Spino, the Etruscan Museum of Murlo, the noble family villas just like Cetinale and Celsa.

During our tour we will visit farms with the cinta senese porks, typical of Siena and the delicious  goat cheeses produced by biodinamic farms.

Get you camera handy and follow me in this journey through nature and art!


The other Highlights of Tuscan Culture and tradition

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