Family kids-friendly scavenger hunt

Are you ready for an incredible adventure searching for the Treasure of the Siena Palio? You and your team of explorers will embark on an exciting journey, exploring the wonders of Siena, diving into medieval legends, and ancient towers.
During this three-hour treasure hunt, little explorers will be guided through the streets of Siena, capturing the vibrant colors of the city, spotting hidden animals in every corner, and listening to the enchanting sounds the city offers. We’ll visit the most extraordinary museums, wander through the ancient alleys of the Contrade of the Siena Palio, and climb tall towers, pausing now and then to admire breathtaking artworks and paintings.
In the afternoon, our adventure might take us to San Gimignano or places like Pienza and Montalcino, where we can discover the secrets of making pecorino cheese, learn about winemaking, or visit where our sheep and the Sienese cinta senese pigs live.
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Get ready for an unforgettable journey to discover the magnificent world of Siena Palio!