This tour will help us learn stories about Francigena medieval way, where pilgrims, popes, queens and beggars used to walk  from Canterbury to Rome for salvation. We will visit Monteriggioni, one of the most interesting medieval castles also used by Dante Alighieri for the Comedy, Colle Val d’Elsa where the architect of Palazzo Vecchio and the Cathedral of  Florence Arnolfo di Cambio was born and where we can visit the Museum of Crystal.

We will then stop in San Gimignano to visit the Collegiate Church and the frescoes of the Old and New Testament and climb the Torre Grossa, you will feel like going back 700 years ago and this is even more real when you enter the exhibition Sangimignano 1300, a very interesting way to know the details of the town and its people created by excellent artisans in ceramic.

Tasting one of the best ice-creams in the region and enjoy a glass of Vernaccia DOCG white local wine…

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